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Who we are

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Our story

Our journey started like many other businesses, over a heated argument.  On one side of the ring, a man and his collection of sauces, on the other, a wife fed up with no fridge space and a mountain of half used out of date sauce bottles.  

In that moment, we realised so many of the sauces were simply flavoured mayonnaise… Garlic, Siracha, Peri-peri, Truffle, Burger sauce etc.   


Over the next 12 months endless blends of herbs, spices and chillis were distributed across friends and family in the pursuit of perfection. We even teamed up with some friends to launch a pop-up fried chicken store (Posh & Pecks) to trial our sauces.

Our ethos

We want to ensure we get maximum flavour in each jar, so we take the long route round, sourcing ingredients fresh before drying them at our HQ for each batch. The smell of fresh yellow Habaneros drying is truly intoxicating! 

Our search for high quality ingredients has had us hunting for Truffles across Europe and into the forests of France for our Porcini mushrooms.  

Spices start to lose their flavour and intensity after 12 months, how long have some of your spices been sat in your cupboard for?  We individually toast and grind our spices for each batch to ensure they are fresh for your tastebuds.

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